I did promise a post about the trip we did to Coffs Harbour before Easter, but there is very little to report. The car performed well and charging did not take as long as expected. From Newcastle we stopped at Nabiac and then at Port Macquarie. I was expecting the second charge to take longer since I kept reading about ChargeGate on the r/leaf subreddit but we came back to a fully charged car after a short stop. The only snag on the return trip was waiting for a Kona to finish charging at Nabiac.

But last weekend’s trip to Sydney saw me test some limits. Due to a detour via Woy Woy Parkrun and not wanting to wait for the charger at Homebush after getting my first COVID vaccine dose I got to the charging station at Eveleigh with 1% left.

Went for a walk, grabbed some lunch and returned to 96% after 66 minutes. Surprised to see that the total consumption was only 33.26 kWh. Which means that 0 - 100% is actually 35 kWh. I wonder how usable the remaining 5 kWh is?