A Nissan Leaf owner since February 2020 living on Awabakal Country (Newcastle).

The aim here is to provide people with some insight into owning an EV. Not being based in a capital city, I hope to provide a different perspective which helps others thinking about buying their own EV.


  • Replacing the Leaf

    So I’ve decided it time to replace the Leaf.

  • Charging Station Progress in Sydney

    How has EV charging availability progressed in Sydney since I bought the Leaf?

  • Site converted to Jekyll!

    WordPress is overkill for what I’m doing here.

  • Taking it to the limit

    Use it all, charge it back up.
  • Eleven Thousand and Eleventy-one

    It's been nearly a year and 11,111km with the Leaf.
  • 'Tis but a scratch

    Baby gets her first boo-boo
  • October update

    A more typical month, distance-wise.

  • Six months with the Leaf

    The executive summary: I’ll never go back to driving an ICE vehicle. But the Leaf is definitely a transition car (for me) - I need the range to be a round trip to Sydney (about 300km) without having to recharge and having enough to spare so things like the weather don’t make you worry about getting home. So the next EV I buy will need about 400km range and be a price I can afford.

  • The first three-and-a-half months

    Time for a summary of my ownership for the end of financial year 2019-2020.

  • 1000km service

    After 1 month and a little over 1000km it’s a good time to go over my impressions of the Leaf while I wait for the service to be completed.

  • First road trip

    More planning required.
  • First charge

    The car’s first charge was at an NRMA fast charger. It took about 17 minutes, according to the charging station, to charge the car from 48% to 80%. There doesn’t appear to be a way to monitor the charging progress remotely.

  • Bye bye Renegade, hello Leaf

    After a false start on Tuesday where I was half-way to Wyong when I got a text from the dealer to say they hadn’t received the money from the bank yet, I finally got to pick up my new Leaf yesterday. Yay!

  • Where are the chargers in south-western Sydney?

    There is a distinct lack of type 2 and CHAdeMO chargers south of the M4 according to PlugShare.

  • Finance (finally) sorted

    Banks, eh!
  • Contract signed

    So after getting approval from the bank that I could go and order the car, I drove down to Wyong again to do the deal. Except I knew that because there weren’t many alternatives I wasn’t expecting too much bargaining to go on. Going in with that attitude, I didn’t make the dealer work very hard.

  • First post (v3.0)

    Okay. So on Saturday I signed a contract to buy a Nissan Leaf. I’ve wanted an electric car for a while and my Jeep Renegade is making me hate internal combustion engines.

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