A Nissan Leaf owner since February 2020 living on Awabakal Country (Newcastle).

The aim here is to provide people with some insight into owning an EV. Not being based in a capital city, I hope to provide a different perspective which helps others thinking about buying their own EV.

Hello Leaf


  • Taking it to the limit
    I did promise a post about the trip we did to Coffs Harbour before Easter, but there is very little to report. The car performed well and charging did not take as long as expected. From Newcastle we stopped at Nabiac and then at Port Macquarie. I was expecting the second charge to take longer … Read more
  • Eleven Thousand and Eleventy-one
    Yes, it has been a while since the last post and not a lot has happened. In December, I had booked the car in for it’s 10,000 km service. When I went to drop it off the guy at the service centre said that the service interval for the Leaf is 12 months or 20,000 … Read more
  • ‘Tis but a scratch
    Actually it was.   My niece misjudged the entry into our driveway and gave the Leaf a bit of a scrape. Fortunately, she was fully insured and for the week the car was at the smash repairers, the insurers covered the cost of a hire car. The car rental place gave me a Skoda Octavia … Read more
  • October update
    A more typical month, distance-wise. A total of 1811km which included a trip to my sister’s place in the Southern Highlands and a trip to Sydney. Actually managed to have a stress free 600km round trip charge-wise. Figured out how to charge at my mother’s place without tripping the RCDs. For the return trip we … Read more
  • Six months with the Leaf
    The executive summary: I’ll never go back to driving an ICE vehicle. But the Leaf is definitely a transition car (for me) – I need the range to be a round trip to Sydney (about 300km) without having to recharge and having enough to spare so things like the weather don’t make you worry about … Read more